Wall Art Addict is to turn your house into a home

Welcome to Wall Art Addict. My name is Kata. I’m a graphic designer and musician, also a single mother of a cute naughty son. After my baby was born I gave up my job to prove to my son (and to myself) that there are no circumstances what can stop me to reach my goals and live my dreams. After 5 years as a freelancer and UX designer, I started to create wall arts to decorate my own home. I enjoyed it too much, so I made the decision to start a new business and I open this Etsy shop to share these digital prints with you.

I really hope my designs will bring as much joy to you every day as they gave me while I created them.

And please never forget: It’s always worth to work for your dreams and become the best example to your children to follow.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

Ms. Kata Juczi

“Love this!!! Very adorable. I placed it in an 11x14 inch rose gold frame and it looks very nice.”


“I love these prints! I was waiting on getting them printed on posters before giving them my full rating but I’m obsessed! They don’t look pixelated the seller gives clear instructions on measurements!!! I ordered three and will probably order more!”